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Text Box:   NO SIGN IN HASSLE, FAST AND SECURE!You will be taken care of by special customer service!Only Easy 4 Steps To Go  >     >     >   Choose product >Send SMS-email>Request Confirms>Make PaymentChoose product from the katalog Write Item code and your name send SMS to +90 531 5854069 or,Write Item code and your number send e-mail to sales@millionsofcolor.comYou will receive confirmation by phone and receive payment information.You will make the payment and receive your product indicated date.Millions of Color accepts payments via money transfer by Western Union Only. We do not take any personal payment account information. All payment information will be yours to keep between you and Western Union depending on your payment options.  Please read Terms and Agreement before you order!For questions and inquiries please contact or call +90 212 2660769